Get An Idea Lyrics Kenny Mason

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Get An Idea Lyrics Kenny MasonGet An Idea Lyrics Kenny Mason

Song:– Get An Idea

Singer:– Kenny Mason


Producer:– DJ Khalil

Written:– DJ Khalil, Daniel Seeff, Kenny Mason & Sam Barsh

Get An Idea Lyrics Kenny Mason

[Verse 1]
Roll with the punches like I’m rolling weed in this bitch
I bob and weave in this bitch
My eyes will bleed if I switch
If I don’t feed in the negative, I won’t eat in this bitch
Niggas know me and know better, better know we in this bitch
If I bite my tongue any more, then I’ma bleed out my lips
If I type this number in, Lord, I’m beggin’, please let it hit
If I write this song, I’m immortal, I won’t cease to exist
Once I speak it exist
Hoe, my peak don’t exist
Piece on my hip, but I’m peaceful if you peaceful
I trip only if people gon’ trip, only when demons equipped
Clips make deities dip
Immediate being up in the streets like a median
Get egregious, it’s never getting easier
Maybe I’m just getting better at dealin’ with shit
Ignore my feelings and then I realize how I easy I feel
Ignore the ceiling and then I realize no ceilings was here
Focused on millions then woke up one day and millions was here
But I building for years, that felt like millions of years
A rose grew from concrete, but I watered it with the tears
Blood, sweat, liquor and beers
Daddy been sipping for years
Daddy been quitting for years, addies was hittin’ mixed with the kush givin’ different ideas
Watch what y’all did with success, but I got a different idea
Niggas act like stickin’ your shit ain’t a simple idea
Don’t know who robbed you, but I’ll call if I get an idea
Focus my thoughts and then feel the spark when I get an idea
I think I’m about to get an idea
Get an idea, I’m ’bout to—

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 2]
Roll with the punches like bowls with a drink in this bitch
Blood from my nose runnin’ down holes of the sinks in my crib
Exposed how much thinking I did
Pose with that thing on my hip
Palms on the pieces I hit
Perform with a decent form and they’re more than just regional hits
The whole world seen what I did
Sing about darkness to shed light on the scene I was in
Bringing up artists instead of chasing the people that’s big
Seen artists floppin’ and watched the one’s that believed in them flip
Seen artists pop, ’cause they dropped the ones that was leeching on them
How many people know ‘dis?
How many scheming on Ken’?
How can I trust in you all the way when I seen what you did?
I know the power you feel when I say, “I need you, for real”
I can recall the times it was somethin’ that you needed to feel
You took advantage of what I wanted to see in the mirror
How many hood heroes done died in the city they lived?
Got they life taken in the town they wanted to give
Avoiding the trouble that come with postin’ a bankroll
I learned how to stay low
I ain’t tryna’ get or give out any of these haloes
Blood on my [?] clothes
My brother said, “Stay close”
Now, when I talk to my bro, he feel like we ain’t close
Asking, do I got any idea
Down in the dumps, how do they get out? Not many ideas
Rippin’ out pages in blind rages from shitty ideas
Go through my motions like I ain’t got any ideas
Thinkin’ ’bout quittin’ at times, it seem like a pretty idea
Thinkin’ about freein’ my mind from thinkin’ of any ideas
Then think about people that might have a similar idea
Then I see that ego ain’t been bringin’ me any ideas
Then think the times that my singing ideas was they only reason they live
Make me rethink an idea
Got a new perspective when I seen all the people I hear
It’s easy to get an idea for people that need an idea
I see the treasure openin’ vaults of my hidden ideas
Focus my thoughts and then feel the spark when I get an idea
Focus my thoughts and then feel the spark when I get an idea

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